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SYMBIAN PDF tutorials downloads. Symbian is an open source operating system (OS) and software platform designed for smartphones.Symbian OS was originally developed by Symbian Ltd and now maintained by Nokia.Some of the main features of Symbian OS are pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection.

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Devices that have used the Symbian OS

Here is a sample list of devices that have used the Symbian OS Ericsson R380 (2000) was the first commercially available smartphone based on Symbian OS Nokia 9210 Communicator smartphone (32-bit 66 MHz ARM9-based RISC CPU) (2001), 9300 Communicator (2004), 9500 Communicator (2004) using the Nokia Series 80 interface Sony Ericsson P800 (2002), P900 (2003), P910 read more »

Developing on Symbian OS

Basic introduction about the Developing on Symbian OS Developing on Symbian OS can initially appear confusing, as there is no single SDK available for download from Symbian. Instead, there are SDKs available for each of the main user interface families: UIQ, Series 60, and so on. Individual phone products, or families, often have SDKs downloadable read more »